Saturday, July 4, 2009

6.99 plus tax = CUBIC ZIRCONIA

so...u really wanna have a good time?
blast off to cubic zirconia.
here's a pic of their EP, London mixtape VOL.1
check em out in urbmag:

"The new quartet which includes the playfully sexy Tiombe Lockhart, best known for her vocals on tracks for the Hip Hop band PPP, and electro/funk musicians Nick Hook and Todd Weinstock, formerly of Men, Women, and Children, and Daud Sturdivant, filled Santos with an eclectic mix of music heads, hipsters, fashionistas, and dancers, for an also eclectic show. The evening featured live DJ sets by Afro-beat head Chico Mann, Mike the 2600 King, Kool Hersh, DJ Assault, and Stones Throw’s Dam Funk to bring that galactic funk. Head Automatica was the opening band that gave an explosive electro punk performance to amp the crowd. Expect more ridiculously crazy and fun nights when Head Automatica and Cubic Zirconia tour this summer. "-via