Saturday, August 9, 2008


um so looking at these blogs.
and there's this one about bi-racial couples and marriage, and how the "BC" (black community) feels about it.
(clears throatfor one, am NOT against bi-racial couples or marriages.
i think it's a great thing. i encourage those who are curious about other cultures to take an indulgence.
it might change your life. it definitely changed mine.
BUT if you are curious on what the sisters are looking at, it doesnt hurt to check out this webiste.

Friday, August 8, 2008

blue BLU blue.

the blue eyed beauty.


[[LISTEN]] blue black jack [[LISTEN]]


some shit to check out.
some moving.
some fresh.

-rock the bells concert (we'll be there 8/16 so EXPECT that blog to hit you in the head soon after)

-complex mag.a must (cudi says he wants his closet complex like the magazine. OK CUDI.THAT WAS CLEVER. but we love you anyways.please come make babies with me.)

-prefix mag.duh

-and i thought these were BEYOND interesting. not saying i condone. not saying i dont. not knocking anyone. look.


so i just got back from getting fingerprinted for PHARM CHARM HARM school as my counterpart refers to pharmacy school. and it experience. for starters let me say that technology has come a long way and i didnt have to put no ink on my thumbs or anything they sprayed this crap on my fingers then read it with some type of laser?honestly it was like a copy machine for was awesome. but this is all irrelevant. THE PEOPLE THAT DID IT were the highlight of this visit.

ok so it was off of 45 south so you know its gonna be interesting..(big upps to southside HI ERIC AND EVAN AND CHRIS!!!!)
everybody was mexican. no from cali i get down with the getdown. my roommate had already warned me that the dude was weird...understatement.

i signed in, he comes out.
como esta?
muy bien y usted?
muy bien. como te llamas?

as the conversation begins, continues, and EXTENDS into spanish I, II, III, and Iv. we talked about where im from, where i learned spanish, my name, the song (spanish song) about my name, the dance for the spanish song about my name, my friends, my friends' names, if i could loan him 1o dollars, if i had any more gum, and if he could have two pieces.

SO I THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA APPROVE ME FOR A LOAN WITH ALL THE QUESTIONS HE ASKED. he didnt. he takes me to the back, introduces me to this lady, tells her im bilingual and im gonna be a bilingual pharmacist, and that im from california.

SHE PROCEEDS to ask me about cali, tells me where her fam stays in cali, THEN we talk for a record breaking 20 minutes about her marriage.38 years no kids husbands disabled with emphysema and asthma, catholicism, family, remarriage, life, and til death do us part.

............................................i think this was by far the best fingerprinting experience of the year. quote me on it.

so lets break break BRAKE it down

where has iroCca been!!sorry folks.its been a week for the kids.the yazza has held it down. but since im here lets be useful..


..helllo?anyone there?WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?after last nites decision, im deciding to completely take a hater hiatus ((my nigga wale, BIG UPS TO DC!)) because i have no idea what randy jacksons PANSY ass is doing with this show. i need clarification on a couple things you know, maybe its me, maybe im in the dark...SOMEBODY PLEASE LET A NIGGA KNOW.

1. the judges...WHY WHY WHY.lil mama is the scum of the earth, i scraped her cousin off my shoe this morning. shane, ok...ill give it to him.hes knowledge-ABLE, but he acts retarded sometimes.jc...JC CHASEZ.NSYNCCCCC ANYONE?im not hating on the boys!i was a serious nsyncer until we had to say bye bye bye to groups of 5 fags at a time. but for whatttttt reason is he a judge on this show. does he contribute anything??the judges are shit. period.undeserving.but lets not get on the HOST. mario lopez? we're not serious are we? SLATER?? sum this all up im convinced that slater and shane have a thing going on, they go on double dates with lil wayne and kanye.((ya'll aint know!!?)), lil mama and missy had a rendezvous last week, and jc called his former band member LANCE to see if he knows any guys who were "interested"..IM THRU.

2. fanny pack..NOW.clearly they should have won the entire show.and notttt just because im an 80s child lost in this new millen!they were solid as shit! the dance moves, the creativity, the ideas, the LOOK...they were just ON.and the removal of them from the show has ONCE AGAIN proved to me that reality tv is blurring the line between fantasy and reality.FAUX FAUX FUR is what it is...fuckery.

3. big upps to h town soreal CRU is still in the running. hope they win the finale but i bet they wont because SOME RACIST PRODUCER wont want asian groups to win 2 years in a know how the story goes. so the title will PROBABLY GO to bboys SUPERKR3W.and theyre cool.just...not...the total package...whatever america..this is your show.right??right??


Thursday, August 7, 2008


latest video from the CRS campers.sweaty fire.including a couple of other matches.
I'm about to go stand in the damn line.

The ANTI-drug.

So.there's this guy.
named cudi. you might have seen him.
prolly not. but he's been stuck on someone's mind.
yeah.i mean.he dont say much. but we love to look at him go.
the man is great. he got that good hair too. 10 deep, nikes...? need i say?
BOY I HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE SO! pillow talk real soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So people ask us.

the randoms say: "hey...where do you get your shoes from?"
"how do you get those shoes like that?"Photobucket
"where do you buy your shirts from?"
"you must shop everyday huh?"

WE SAY: No. We broke. We just know where to look. Spend all your time on the net and I promise you'll find us.