Friday, August 8, 2008


so i just got back from getting fingerprinted for PHARM CHARM HARM school as my counterpart refers to pharmacy school. and it experience. for starters let me say that technology has come a long way and i didnt have to put no ink on my thumbs or anything they sprayed this crap on my fingers then read it with some type of laser?honestly it was like a copy machine for was awesome. but this is all irrelevant. THE PEOPLE THAT DID IT were the highlight of this visit.

ok so it was off of 45 south so you know its gonna be interesting..(big upps to southside HI ERIC AND EVAN AND CHRIS!!!!)
everybody was mexican. no from cali i get down with the getdown. my roommate had already warned me that the dude was weird...understatement.

i signed in, he comes out.
como esta?
muy bien y usted?
muy bien. como te llamas?

as the conversation begins, continues, and EXTENDS into spanish I, II, III, and Iv. we talked about where im from, where i learned spanish, my name, the song (spanish song) about my name, the dance for the spanish song about my name, my friends, my friends' names, if i could loan him 1o dollars, if i had any more gum, and if he could have two pieces.

SO I THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA APPROVE ME FOR A LOAN WITH ALL THE QUESTIONS HE ASKED. he didnt. he takes me to the back, introduces me to this lady, tells her im bilingual and im gonna be a bilingual pharmacist, and that im from california.

SHE PROCEEDS to ask me about cali, tells me where her fam stays in cali, THEN we talk for a record breaking 20 minutes about her marriage.38 years no kids husbands disabled with emphysema and asthma, catholicism, family, remarriage, life, and til death do us part.

............................................i think this was by far the best fingerprinting experience of the year. quote me on it.

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