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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Influence or Confusion? Beyonce and Pussy Riot are still sharing masks

As a young Texas woman who loves female art, its no suprise I enjoy Beyonce's talents. I may not agree with every image she portrays or sing every song but I have a special place for this woman in my heart of art.

When I indulge into the deeper international political realms of art, a female group named Pussy Riot is found. This is where I found my joy, looking at these women demonstrate their views on religion and society in Russia. How amazing was the Pussy Riot documentary?

I did recognize a few similar things in the structure of Pussy Riot and Beyonce. Pussy Riot, who wears a mask while performing to cover their identity to PROTECT themselves (allegedly) from officials while Beyonce choses to wear her mask for......? As the story of Pussy Riot came to buzz around 2012 the word feminist wasn't really being thrown around just yet to America. Could one say Beyonce is riding the Pussy Riot wave? Is she showing her allegiance to the army of womens rights? If so, I think shes got to go further aesthetically.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Waves of 2014: Best EP's LP's Songs and Artists of 2014

The year is almost over and what a time it has been!  So much has been created and looking forward to seeing things expand next year. I heard alot of great music this year and saw quite a bit of art that has inspired me. I would like to thank every artist who creates from their heart to give to the people.

Moving on, the waves of the year have been very interesting to say the least. I have found that my taste in music has changed, I tried my hardest to pinpoint the moments as to where or what triggered it or the sounds I heard to make me even consider indulging in a "new wave".

One song in particular that stuck out to me is "I'm so Pretty" by Chargaux, a string duo that hails from New York City. Their music is nothing like any female artists you've heard, period. They play their string instruments over the most intriguing beats ever. "I'm so pretty" is a gem to me because the message is simple yet the instrumentation is "space"-esque. I hate to use the word futuristic because how much further can we sound in 2014? "I'm so pretty" is really beyond its time.

Another artist that swept me off of my gotdamn headphone was Yung Jake. Had it not been for my friend Sharla Hammond telling me about this guy (google her she's amazing) I don't think I would even have the motivation to blog. Yung Jake appeared to me as a youtube sensation guy, I was really intrigued by his "cyber effects" and his flow. If you have a chance to see him, do not miss it. He's definitely new new wave.

Over time this year I reached a new type of music through searching Soundcloud. I found myself using this site more and more, lurking through likes and reposts of some of my favorite artists. Here are a few EP's I found that are note worthy:

Cities Aviv - Black Pleasure (Memphis is doing major shit right now)

Buscabulla - Sonosonar Mixtape   (Puerto Rico is popping it out on the drums)

Travis $cott - Days Before Rodeo (Tell me who's hotter)

Dreams West (This nigga is 2078 AD and has no idea)

Rosewood Theives - Enter the Terrordome (Houston's REAL southern rap group)

Another tape that had me really excited about music was the Underground Cassette Tape Music Mixtape hosted by Gangster Boo (Memphis) and BeatKing (Houston). This tape was an instant classic to me, just by the way of production and content. Ms. Boo kept very elegantly trill on this tape while BeatKing respresented the epitome of H-town rap culture. It was super cohesive. Word to Speakerfoxx in Atlanta, Brodinski and everyone who was apart of that piece.

I want to also leave you with one of the lastest bands that have taken my ears, Mr. Twin Sister. I first discovered this band a few years back as "Twin Sister" on a youtube reference and liked their work then. Their latest work which is their self titled album, is phenomenial. 

Lastly, I want to express my many thanks again to everyone in the world creating. It is very important to make things because of the wave of impression. I guarantee that these artists listed here on my blog will continue to make better waves for culture and society. But those impressions are only as big as the idea within the creator. Originality is recognized by those who understand what has been done and what they have not seen. Inspiration occurs to me when my ideas are concreted by arts that are similar to my theories. From my theories, one can truly say that there is a future beyond what we think exsists and it's up to the individual to find the truth. 

Some mainstream artists have done a great job in giving light to the artists who are being innovative. I hope mainstream artists continue to credit the underground for their doing to inspire them and pay! Ownership and creative control is becoming more necessary with the internet age. People can now take what you have done and reciprocate it in an even faster way. Protection in your work can only go so far in the virtual world until you're physically confronted with flattery or just copying style.

In 2015, let the waves continue and as we look to the present.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

WHERE'S THE ALBUM: Tennis "Ritual in Repeat"

Ok, so there's this couple who sailed the seas and made music. They've been making albums for quite some time now and they've been making literal waves ever since. Their new album "Ritual in Repeat" drops on the 9th of September and I am very exctied to hear the new sounds. I introduce Tennis, the Denver based band formed out of love and water. Their smooth and classic sound has captivated my ears for a few years now, and they have taken it to another notch with the production from Patrick Carney from the Black Keys. He was on the last album Cape Dory, which is still in rotation. What I find most fascinating is their progression in becoming known and keeping shit simple. This is a real husband and wife duo, who play their own instruments. Alaina and Patrick forevers y'all. Cheers.

Here's their first single, "I'm Calling" ( I think) from the album, I found this song to be a great jam in talking about relationships.

Go get "Ritual in Repeat" on September 9th.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Women Directors doing things in 2014

A candid interview with Madeline Sackler,  one of the most compelling directors who is giving us rawness in her work. I was so moved in the 10 minutes in which I was able to watch her film "Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus"  before I went to my office. The acting from this theatre group is so intense so powerful so moving! If you're an artist with a conscious I highly advise you to see this film. God bless Ms. Sackler and her ability to document things such as this. God bless Belarus and their theatre group. I really cannot wait to watch the rest of this documentary.

Another great piece of work presented by Hello Flo, and directed by Jamie T McCleland an awesome story about a girl lying about her period.

I thought this was a very unique commercial, giving us a very American view of how our country looks at our women.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cats, Thinking and BMX a datamosh film

Datamosh video of BMX Neil Harrington

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


As we approach halftime of the year of our lord in 2014, I would like to share a few tapes and albums I have come across that have made my year very spectacular.

10.   One of the most innovating concepts taken towards a mixtape I have seen in a minute. Lil B has rebounded into my ears a basketball mixtape that is amazing. I really wasn't into the #Basedgod movement at first, but now I see this man is #Based. Keep cookin B.

9. Little Dragon has brought their synth pop wave to a new level once again. Nabuma Rubberband is a very cohesive mix of r&b, rock, electro, soul and a dash of punk. Yukimi Nagano stays making waves and she stays keeping things very fresh.

8.  Chrome Sparks has definitely accomplished great music this year with his Goddess EP, very tranquil mix of drum and bass. Its instrumentation will either have you spaced the fuck out or doing some crazy ass tribal dance. He's definitely on his way up.

 Movement from down under has also kept me hot with these sexy ass tracks. Hailing all the way from Austrailia these boys absolutely know how how to make awesome electronic music. "5:57" is my shit forreals. I hope someone in Texas gets a hold of em and chops and screws that up. Props to Sydney Austrailia.

6. Actress has made a piece of work that has the internets going so crazy. His album entitled "Ghettoville" gives us insane instrumentals that are extremely ambient but with a hip/trip-hop undertone. I either freestyle real slow or get down real low on these tracks.

5.  Ms. Annie don't play no games when it comes to her tracks and thats why St. Vincent has is a real great album. She puts everything into her songs, so much emotion so much instrumentation so much of it all. "Prince Johnny" is what I sing boys to sleep to. Half of the time I'm not exactly sure what or who she sings to or about but lordamercy her music is impeccable. Can't wait to catch a show of hers.

4. You wanna hear some real young n*gga rap, without any bullshit ass hooks, or thot provoking lines that may have you cursing out somebody please bump the fuck out this tape. Casey Veggies and Rockie Fresh have really been doing the damn thing for a while. Let this EP be proof of that. "Fresh Veggies" has everything you need to get the party started and some. This is so good, its not supposed to be on my list because it was out in 2013.

3. Brodinski's lil mix he did for V Magazine gets an honorable mention, this has a lot of hit-worthy artists on there. Brodinski has been under the radar for a minute but he's coming out with more music soon. The Brodinski V Mix is what you need to get right.

2.  I'd be a trifiling ass person if I didn't add Lykke Li to this list. "I Never Learn" has been a total experience everytime I hear it. Heart struck lyrics and melodies man, Lykke really does take you there. From someone who has recently gotten out of a relationship "I Never Learn" resonates very closely to me. Eventhough it may sound like she recorded it in a watering hole, Lykke kept it real cute and intitmate on this 9 track album.

 1.   If you're looking for ambient soothing rock, the Notwist is the way to go. Call me chill, emo or whatever but this album is very much sensitive. A few of these tracks I heard first as remixes for DJ's. (see Ryan Hemsworth's remix of Beyonce's "Mine" ) Alternative rock is still very alive in my culture and Notwist definitely makes a great contribution.

*If you find yourself jamming to any of these albums, holla at a player.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Indie Waves (R&B edition)

There are 3 women who are making big waves with their music. These women have all respectively come into their style of music remarkably fresh and distinctive. I personally admire them because they sing songs from their life with people who have helped them along the way. I find it very beautiful that these women appear to be very personal in their lyrics. This may be old news, but I can definitely say R&B definitely won't be the same after these ladies are done.

Bringing you all things souful with accents of melody and a rocking groove, LIONBABE has really made a serious anthem with their song "Treat me like Fire" in which I have come to love through the seasons. Astro Raw and Jillian Hervey give a serious meaning to the word duo as they create their music together.

This angelic person is most certainly singing her heart out. With songs like "Comfort Inn Ending" and "The Vapors"  Aiko knows how to make some meaningful ballads. Her style of writing with her voice are gifted. Cutting edges with rap but still putting her smooth vocal runs make it all the more easier to indulge.

Kelela Kelela what can I say? She's mad blazing. She's got a full EP of awesome ass music. Beats are out the window, vocals is next level and it gets better track after track. Very well done. She's jammin and I hope you enjoy her and jam on too.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CHARGAUX on the clock rockin you to sleep with "Lullaby" in Brooklyn

My favorite orchestrated super women are back with a vengeance! On the strings we have CHARGAUX playing their song, "Lullaby" . What can I say? These ladies sure as fuck know how to put together an ensemble. Presented by Abbensetts and Chargaux at the Self Timer art show at the Brooklyn Fire Proof East out in Bushwick.

Very proud of you guys, love you dearly!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Which one are you? Girls vs. Broad City

Firstly I would like to say both shows are great, they carry a very strong point to each scene and the acting is very good. Some actors are better than others, but there are things you must consider. For starters, Amy Poehler is almost a veteran in the game. She's already done SNL and so many movies, its a no brainer why her show is edgy yet fun while still making it decent enough for young and old people.

Then there is Lena Dunham, who is younger but has way more leverage than Amy. Her show 'Girls' is seen on a network different from Comedy Central (I think). Therefore her character and actions are much more dramatic and intense. The most important thing about both shows is that they both tell stories about women who are in their 20's.

The question I ask is which one are you? In HBO's Girls, you're a 20 something with a a fine ass dude living with you in a decent part of New York where you have a career and 3 other friends who are trying to determine if you're worthy of an Instagram photo. In Broad City, you're a 20 something pot head with the world at your fingertips living in a poor part of New York with strangers. You work a low end job and you know what parkour is. Same city different taste.


Almost 90 days into the year and alot has been made.
Let's see what the world brings us!