Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Influence or Confusion? Beyonce and Pussy Riot are still sharing masks

As a young Texas woman who loves female art, its no suprise I enjoy Beyonce's talents. I may not agree with every image she portrays or sing every song but I have a special place for this woman in my heart of art.

When I indulge into the deeper international political realms of art, a female group named Pussy Riot is found. This is where I found my joy, looking at these women demonstrate their views on religion and society in Russia. How amazing was the Pussy Riot documentary?

I did recognize a few similar things in the structure of Pussy Riot and Beyonce. Pussy Riot, who wears a mask while performing to cover their identity to PROTECT themselves (allegedly) from officials while Beyonce choses to wear her mask for......? As the story of Pussy Riot came to buzz around 2012 the word feminist wasn't really being thrown around just yet to America. Could one say Beyonce is riding the Pussy Riot wave? Is she showing her allegiance to the army of womens rights? If so, I think shes got to go further aesthetically.

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