Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shoegaze vs Rapgaze whats the real?

Today, you're pretty much being sold all the fucking time. Whether you're alone or simply doing your mundane routine, there's something out there to give you curiosity. I found an article in New York this April that struck a chord internally, I was at a store where they sold amplifiers and happened to take a seat in their window to read some publications laying nearby.

As I flipped through the pages, I saw a photo of Mac DeMarco and a title with the word "shoegaze" in it and that's when it hit me. "Shoegaze"?!? It was defined as a musical technique that gave a different element to sound.

As I finished the section all I could think about were instances were I heard these sounds, these small glares of whimsical voice that gave me satisfaction. Then it hit me again, Mac isn't the only one and this isn't the only place it belongs.

I enjoy the Soundcloud app quite a bit, I spend time searching new artists. It was a night were I needed to find a good energy to keep everyone turnt up. So I searched playlists where Future, Gucci Mane and Drake are featured. I find a song that has a fast orchestra loop with a hard 808 drum, I'm boppin and I hear a refreshing "yeeeeaaaahhhhhh" gently ooze out and its Travis $cott serenading me out of my attempt to be sober once again! Madeintyo's  "Uber everywhere" is such a hard element to music I feel that song is equally represented as "Rapgaze", Music of the similar effect mentioned previously but with a different tempo and melody.

Travis is a pioneer in his sound lyrically and effectively. I have alot to look forward in this realm of music because of voices like these.

Keep your styles cool, always.