Friday, April 18, 2014

Indie Waves (R&B edition)

There are 3 women who are making big waves with their music. These women have all respectively come into their style of music remarkably fresh and distinctive. I personally admire them because they sing songs from their life with people who have helped them along the way. I find it very beautiful that these women appear to be very personal in their lyrics. This may be old news, but I can definitely say R&B definitely won't be the same after these ladies are done.

Bringing you all things souful with accents of melody and a rocking groove, LIONBABE has really made a serious anthem with their song "Treat me like Fire" in which I have come to love through the seasons. Astro Raw and Jillian Hervey give a serious meaning to the word duo as they create their music together.

This angelic person is most certainly singing her heart out. With songs like "Comfort Inn Ending" and "The Vapors"  Aiko knows how to make some meaningful ballads. Her style of writing with her voice are gifted. Cutting edges with rap but still putting her smooth vocal runs make it all the more easier to indulge.

Kelela Kelela what can I say? She's mad blazing. She's got a full EP of awesome ass music. Beats are out the window, vocals is next level and it gets better track after track. Very well done. She's jammin and I hope you enjoy her and jam on too.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CHARGAUX on the clock rockin you to sleep with "Lullaby" in Brooklyn

My favorite orchestrated super women are back with a vengeance! On the strings we have CHARGAUX playing their song, "Lullaby" . What can I say? These ladies sure as fuck know how to put together an ensemble. Presented by Abbensetts and Chargaux at the Self Timer art show at the Brooklyn Fire Proof East out in Bushwick.

Very proud of you guys, love you dearly!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Which one are you? Girls vs. Broad City

Firstly I would like to say both shows are great, they carry a very strong point to each scene and the acting is very good. Some actors are better than others, but there are things you must consider. For starters, Amy Poehler is almost a veteran in the game. She's already done SNL and so many movies, its a no brainer why her show is edgy yet fun while still making it decent enough for young and old people.

Then there is Lena Dunham, who is younger but has way more leverage than Amy. Her show 'Girls' is seen on a network different from Comedy Central (I think). Therefore her character and actions are much more dramatic and intense. The most important thing about both shows is that they both tell stories about women who are in their 20's.

The question I ask is which one are you? In HBO's Girls, you're a 20 something with a a fine ass dude living with you in a decent part of New York where you have a career and 3 other friends who are trying to determine if you're worthy of an Instagram photo. In Broad City, you're a 20 something pot head with the world at your fingertips living in a poor part of New York with strangers. You work a low end job and you know what parkour is. Same city different taste.


Almost 90 days into the year and alot has been made.
Let's see what the world brings us!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Phlo Girl Finister

The time has come now where a new wave of this deep house, portishead r&B has arrived to my ears. This is Phlo Finister.... an egyptian woman who seems to have the juice and is guzzling this shit in memory of all of us. She is Aaliyah, she is Winehouse, she is Lady Miss Kier and most importantly she's herself. With production sounding so smooth and seductive you can't help but to wonder where the hell she came from. Hope to see Phlo Finister at the wonderful Texas festival that is SXSW this year or in Houston soon.