Thursday, January 14, 2010

and up jumps.....THA BOOGIE

have u seen them?

these superheroes are known as "Tha boogie"
lejin, korus (the chick), and Nu school are young individuals who collectively form this trio that is about to take over your stereo.The Rancho Cucamongian gang contain admirable musical talents coupled with fly urban originality that fuels them to write, produce, record, and arrange songs that have no boundaries. They remain inspired by people who are not afraid to be or do anything different.
i personally dig their music because it's chill fun and spontaneous, i'm all for it.
here's one off of their latest EP "Love Tha Boogie Vol 1 Steal This Sh*t”, called
"I am Peter Parker"
3 cheers for tha BOOGIE.
hip hop HOORAY!

LONDON CALLING. Theophilus London "Humdrum Town" Feat Jesse Boykins III

i really like this video, the whole concept is very sweet and delicate.
The old school karaoke bar was a treat.
The song itself is very lovely, and happy to see cameos in there.
Jesse Boykins III, i remember him from a few Cottontail mixtapes a while back.
New York is really about to shut it down once again,
are YOU ready?
OH, and download THIS CHARMING MIXTAPE if you haven't heard of Theophilus or JESSE BOYKINS III.or just READ A BOOK.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Got me Movin and Groovin

everytime i hear this song i get up and boogie.
and YOU should too.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 let it begin

it's officially 2010
as you all may know
i have realized many things over the past 365 days or so
that has made me smarter, and much tougher.
never forget who you are.
and never be ashamed to stand by it.
here are some pictures of what i could show from the new years eve party.
happy 2010 everybody.