Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009


i was gettin my hair did,
and i heard this mix.
and i don't care what the hell, who the hell, and whatever the hell you think.
shake yo ass to DJ SLEEPER.
and i'm out the door.

made you LOOk.

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i heard a lady by the name of ragen fykes who is another up and coming artist out of portland, oregon..(i couldnt point to it on a map) but she has released a 3-track LP, called "with love", that is something worth investing some ear time in.along with dj/producer ohmega watts, this duo is known as M64.i would say that these guys are definitely on yazzawatch!
check her out here: http://hernameisragen.tumblr.com/

saturday diary.

went for a little drive today and vibed on some j.cole...HARD.
then i went on to listen even deeper to his rhymes and just kinda zoned in on life.
if u don't know about j.cole, he's THE FIRST AND THE FINEST member of rocnation
coming from fayetteville, north carolina.who graduated from college (on scholarship and magna cum lade) and pursued a career in nyc there after.
his mixtape "the warm up" released in June of 09 provides a very distinctive sound...it's actually RAP music.
and good rap music at that.what i mean is, you hear THIS man over his songs, no autotune, no guest appearances (i don't think).it's about the rawest form of poetry i could ever want for in rap music right now.since it's been kinda hard to find decent rap artists, i can truly say that's always a pleasure listening to him spit.
now mind you j.cole is educated and very explicit at the same time.Lol.but his forceful and meaningful tone just kinda makes you wanna submit to wait for the day his album comes..hail king cole.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i may be late but...

heres the music video to w.a.l.e.d.a.n.c.e.
strollin thru the memories.
how time has changed.
very personal favorite by the monsieur folarin himself.

he gotta sneaker y'all

DJ/producer Mark Ronson has his own limited edition Gucci sneaker coming out. Gucci is opening a handful of flash sneaker stores in the coming months and this will be one of the models available. It will go for about $500-600.YES YES!
via djatrak.com /allidorecords.com


so yesterday.
i stumbled on an article about a houston native that
is turning some heads in the indie realm.
y'ppah, also known as Joe corrales is an electronic magnet,
and pretty suede dj.(shout out to cellar bar)
i had the pleasure of meeting him, and finding this
article on him quite interesting. he's currently signed to
Ninja tune records, and lookin at goin on tour soon with
a good frined of mine that goes by Polymath 7.when forces combine..
check some of y'ppahs music here:http://games.softpedia.com/progDownload/Alone-in-the-Dark-Near-Death-Investigation-Yppah-Music-Trailer-Download-26228.html

must must must must must must must SEE.

Monday, September 14, 2009

2009=año de muertos guey.

he's gone folks.
another great american hero in the wind.
may you rest in peace mr.swayze.
cause "nobody talks to baby like that."
live for what you love.

astronaut review KID CUDI man on the moon

i was really tryin hard to resist writing about this,
but as a music patron, i kinda felt like this was the only way for me to get it out.

ok, first of all, if you are a RECENT cuddler fan (you only know about "day and night" and a kid named cudi mixtape) , or someone who just simply enjoys his style of music, you're definitely going to enjoy this album.

IF you are somewhat of a "cudi follower", "secrect lover" or FAN and feel like you really know this fella, its definitely gonna ease your spirits cause he's speakin to y'all.

I say, that this album is a great breakthrough attempt and a wonderful listening experience. Scott capitalizes on his vocal range throughout most of his tracks providing very catchy and alluring melodies with rhythmic hooks over these eccentric beats.
Plain, Dot, YEEZY, emile and everybody else who had a hand on this tracklist, I applaud you, and i applaud cudi for pickin such a great team to go in and give you that "moonish" sound. i would say futuristic..but its 09.and that term is kinda played out.

NOW the RAP factor of this album is kinda mediocre.if u dont know about cudi, u need to understand that he ISN'T in the genre of HIP-HOP, nor POP.he's just cudi..ya know?Lol. He's rappin from that skinty lil soul of his, so it's not too intricate and not too basic.its just right.if you understand where this man has come from and where he is NOW...you'll be alright.he has a few one liners, a few lip-biters, and a few that'll make u say "WTF...did he just say?"..seriously.

this is one of the most anticipated ALBUMS of 2009,(think about it) and I'm happy that he finally made it thru.SHIT.but this is one of the most honest pieces of pure sound and music i've heard inna minute. he spits some real shit in there, its up to you to determine how u wanna take it.cause at the end of the day, we're all just tryin to get our dreams.can u blame him?

hipsters, i plea to you to keep this in rotation, and to my indie vixens, invite you a super-boo over, get you some juano, drink some brewski and have some pillow talk and enjoy the man on the moon as you lift off..


Thursday, September 10, 2009

my other boo.(in mental life)

another vid production by one of the greatest jeremy scott, (google him he's amazin)

JEREMY SCOTT.. Dir. NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

"get it up" by santi feat gorilla zoe from the santi vs.diplo mixtape


(i love this picture btw)

at any rate, i was told to read up on an article about one of my favorite vocalist in the pop world collaboratin with one of my most favorite DJ/PRODUCER/BEECH I LUBMESUMHIM
people in the world that goes by the name of (drumroll please, make it lonnnnnnnng)
DIPLO??!! (i hopped outta my chair when i read it)
in this article here, we have a ms.christina aguileria talkin about talkin on her next album and who she brought in on some electro-reinforcements.

peep the article here:http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2009/08/31/christina-aguilera-talks-search-for-new-electro-sound-on-e-special/

<--you know u my baby daddy right?

please dont
mess this up
christina.or i will
find you, and throw paint on you...TRUE STORY.

But in all yazzaseriousity, im kinda lookin forward to hearing this collab, and hearing what the pop-people and the indies like myself have to say about this.i believe she will be unveiling a piece of the underground "hipster" culture that people like myself truly hold precious, because electro-dance-diplo music is so moving to me, and not alot of people around here really understand this kind of music.it will DEFINITELY put a new mark on pop (anythang my baby dip touches is afro-gold) and christinas voice is like no other.santi, m.i.a, sia, le tigre are also in on this too...I'm crossing my fingers, and keepin one eye open on this....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

directors cut

i guess im just inna real bloggy mode perhaps,
but i stumbled across a guy who is making himself known in the industry as far as video
direction goes. he's worked with the kardashians, to j cole, to busta buss and even the cudder.
i enjoy his style of cinematography along with his smooth transitional editing.in my book, he captures music video production with a very big vision and maximizes on a small budget. LOL. three cheers for bbgun.

BBGUN REEL 2009 from bbgun on Vimeo.

janet does harper's bizarre

if you know yazza,
you know that she loves her some janet.
here we have ms. jackson on the cover of harper's bizarre,
and speakin on the death of her brother, single life, kids, marriage,
and her future projects.without janet, none of these hoes would exist.
(there i said it)

check the interview here:http://www.harpersbazaar.com/magazine/feature-articles/janet-jackson-interview-1009

oh la la la.....

hey hey there...today...YES today.
i have discovered another article that has inspired
and motivated yazza.
this article was from a man that goes by the name of 20+1
very informational piece about hip-hop music, and some artists that i have yet to know about but will very soon listen to.
here it is..enjoy!

"Hip-hop" is about as useful a descriptor as "rock" or "socialist" these days. Everything from deliberately incomplete, over-indulgent instrumental noodling (bismilldilla) to gentrifying-skinny-jean-fuckboy theme music can trace its roots back to some Bronx kids in the '70s who just didn't know any better.

I begin on that negative note because nothing's more hip-hop than complaining about hip-hop and the cream of the crop hasn't given me any good reason to stop in 2009. Jigga's Brett Favre. Nas is noodling with a reggae album while his ear for beats is still playing wingman for Pac somewhere in Havana. I guess Andre 3000 still thinks being a bad actor is more fulfilling than making Stankonia was and Jeezy dropped a banger late last year so he's off the hook for now. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 and BlaQKout are damn good albums but they're dignified throwbacks by un-semiretired generals filling up the tank one more time. Dr. Dre sure won't save us or whatever Detox is supposed to accomplish (and I am so Richard Dawkins about that)."

he pretty much gets it in on his blog, and talks about artists attempt to "change the game"
read it here:http://legionofhorribles.blogspot.com/2009/09/hip-hop-is-about-as-useful-descriptor_08.html

SPLACK-COW! art-by c.east (had to throw that in somewhere)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I wanna marry him.

i've been a fan of his music for quite some time now, and im so happy to say hes comin out with a solo album.AND (waaaaait for it) a TOUR! yippie! he's not comin to houston tho...dang..we just arent that cool...yet.

But Kyp malone is a musical force that is truly well respected in the game, and also very well known for his membership in the band TV ON THE RADIO. his latest song off of his up and comin LP "RAIN MACHINE" is one of a cheerful sound with a bit of TVOTR mix to it.have a beer and gather around to listen to "Smiling Black Faces" here.
cut and copy the link in your browser: http://www.zshare.net/download/649974002184625c/

Below is Kyp’s tour itinerary.

09.21.09 – Brooklyn, NY – Bell House
09.25.09 – Echo Park, CA – The Echo
09.26.09 – Los Angeles, CA – The Getty Center
09.28.09 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
09.30.09 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
10.01.09 – Seattle, WA – Neumos
10.02.09 – Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore
10.09.09 – Birmingham, AL – Bottle Tree
10.10.09 – New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks
10.12.09 – Athens, GA – 40 Watt Club
10.13.09 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl
10.15.09 – Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon
10.16.09 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry
10.17.09 – Chicago, IL – Double Door
10.18.09 – Detroit, MI – Small’s
10.19.09 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
10.20.09 – Montreal, QB – Il Motore
10.22.09 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East Upstair
10.23.09 – Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s


just be mines.

really wanna know?

over the past summer, i have some big ups and some real big downs.
i've come to realize all that glitters aint gold, and if its shiney u might
needa put it in some "heat". moral of the story is some people are cubic zirconia flea market pebbles, while others are simply diamonds in the rough. its up to you
to dig, dig really well, and when "looking closely at the specks, ridges, and facets can also give you a clue into the identity of your gem. Diamonds do have inclusions, tiny bits of other minerals that got crushed into the diamond while it formed deep under the earth." real friends are like diamonds man..its all i can vouche for. they may not be perfect, BUT you'll know when its real.

im not here to blast on anybody, nor to put anybody out there.this is your path.you chose this route.we're all human, and i dont hold no grudges.yazza aint no dummy.

But in all seriousness, a series of events took place, which REALLY put alot of things in perspective for me, as far as how i viewed people, and what i expected out of them, yea i did some things that I normally wouldnt do, but, shit happens. u know me, u know who i was before this. so therefore im gonna continue to be that same person and im still in school and goin to another school, but in a different environment, at a different pace, with a WHOLE BETTER MINDSET.

i will be back to pv next year,but for right now, at this very second, im focused on my school, my craft, my path, my family and my friends, and this little light of mine, I'm about to let it shine.

So i'll catch u on the flip, and i hope years later we can all laugh at this and move on.but until then i'll see you at the finish line. i love you all.


via haterhouston.com