Monday, September 14, 2009

astronaut review KID CUDI man on the moon

i was really tryin hard to resist writing about this,
but as a music patron, i kinda felt like this was the only way for me to get it out.

ok, first of all, if you are a RECENT cuddler fan (you only know about "day and night" and a kid named cudi mixtape) , or someone who just simply enjoys his style of music, you're definitely going to enjoy this album.

IF you are somewhat of a "cudi follower", "secrect lover" or FAN and feel like you really know this fella, its definitely gonna ease your spirits cause he's speakin to y'all.

I say, that this album is a great breakthrough attempt and a wonderful listening experience. Scott capitalizes on his vocal range throughout most of his tracks providing very catchy and alluring melodies with rhythmic hooks over these eccentric beats.
Plain, Dot, YEEZY, emile and everybody else who had a hand on this tracklist, I applaud you, and i applaud cudi for pickin such a great team to go in and give you that "moonish" sound. i would say futuristic..but its 09.and that term is kinda played out.

NOW the RAP factor of this album is kinda mediocre.if u dont know about cudi, u need to understand that he ISN'T in the genre of HIP-HOP, nor POP.he's just cudi..ya know?Lol. He's rappin from that skinty lil soul of his, so it's not too intricate and not too basic.its just right.if you understand where this man has come from and where he is'll be alright.he has a few one liners, a few lip-biters, and a few that'll make u say "WTF...did he just say?"..seriously.

this is one of the most anticipated ALBUMS of 2009,(think about it) and I'm happy that he finally made it thru.SHIT.but this is one of the most honest pieces of pure sound and music i've heard inna minute. he spits some real shit in there, its up to you to determine how u wanna take it.cause at the end of the day, we're all just tryin to get our dreams.can u blame him?

hipsters, i plea to you to keep this in rotation, and to my indie vixens, invite you a super-boo over, get you some juano, drink some brewski and have some pillow talk and enjoy the man on the moon as you lift off..


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