Saturday, September 19, 2009

saturday diary.

went for a little drive today and vibed on some j.cole...HARD.
then i went on to listen even deeper to his rhymes and just kinda zoned in on life.
if u don't know about j.cole, he's THE FIRST AND THE FINEST member of rocnation
coming from fayetteville, north carolina.who graduated from college (on scholarship and magna cum lade) and pursued a career in nyc there after.
his mixtape "the warm up" released in June of 09 provides a very distinctive's actually RAP music.
and good rap music at that.what i mean is, you hear THIS man over his songs, no autotune, no guest appearances (i don't think).it's about the rawest form of poetry i could ever want for in rap music right now.since it's been kinda hard to find decent rap artists, i can truly say that's always a pleasure listening to him spit.
now mind you j.cole is educated and very explicit at the same time.Lol.but his forceful and meaningful tone just kinda makes you wanna submit to wait for the day his album comes..hail king cole.

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