Wednesday, September 2, 2009

really wanna know?

over the past summer, i have some big ups and some real big downs.
i've come to realize all that glitters aint gold, and if its shiney u might
needa put it in some "heat". moral of the story is some people are cubic zirconia flea market pebbles, while others are simply diamonds in the rough. its up to you
to dig, dig really well, and when "looking closely at the specks, ridges, and facets can also give you a clue into the identity of your gem. Diamonds do have inclusions, tiny bits of other minerals that got crushed into the diamond while it formed deep under the earth." real friends are like diamonds man..its all i can vouche for. they may not be perfect, BUT you'll know when its real.

im not here to blast on anybody, nor to put anybody out there.this is your chose this route.we're all human, and i dont hold no grudges.yazza aint no dummy.

But in all seriousness, a series of events took place, which REALLY put alot of things in perspective for me, as far as how i viewed people, and what i expected out of them, yea i did some things that I normally wouldnt do, but, shit happens. u know me, u know who i was before this. so therefore im gonna continue to be that same person and im still in school and goin to another school, but in a different environment, at a different pace, with a WHOLE BETTER MINDSET.

i will be back to pv next year,but for right now, at this very second, im focused on my school, my craft, my path, my family and my friends, and this little light of mine, I'm about to let it shine.

So i'll catch u on the flip, and i hope years later we can all laugh at this and move on.but until then i'll see you at the finish line. i love you all.

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