Tuesday, December 22, 2009

how to make it in America -trailer

a year or so ago, i mentioned kid cudi starring in a HBO series called "how to make it in america" which basically is about just that.
acting along with cudi and shannon sossaman is one of my favorite jewish actors, bryan greenberg, and funny man Luis Guzman.
i'm very interested in this new production.
enjoy the trailer, and lets hold TIGHT!

How to Make It in America: Teaser Trailer from DP on Vimeo.

old school jams "Southside" Moby featuring Gwen Stefani

I used to watch this video like crazy back in the days,
remembering no doubt, and moby. Lil bald dude and cool blonde chick.
I always thought he (moby) was some sort of guru.
But here is their video, "southside" debut in early 2000's i believe.

"fresh out the oven"

new video by jennifer lopez
only reason it's bein posted is
because of the leopard shoes.
thank you.
(and i'm a lowkey j.lo fan)
there i said it.

money to blow x candy slice

i dare u to watch this and not laugh.
these chicks actually do a great rendition.
(cue jazz hands) "A BITCH"-classic.
i lowkey like this one better than the original..shhhh!
via- octobersveryown.blogspot.com

anti christ trailer x my heart rate

this has to be one of the spookiest mac spooky films i've ever seeen.
a film called, "Anti Christ" directed by Lars Von Trier
"When nature turns evil, true terror awaits."

made my heart rate go from normal to bizerk after watching this trailer.
its just that raw, and edgy, makes you ponder about alot of things.
realeased in early october, this is a film i look forward to watching very soon.

fantastic fest x IFC channel

*disclaimer:i always sleep with the television on (i just can't help that)
but this morning, i woke up to the interviews and reviews of the Fantastic Film fest that takes place in Austin texas. For those who don't know what fantastic film fest is, it is the largest film festival showing flicks in genres of science fiction, horror, and comedy and other types of movies coming to theatres. Films such as apacalypto, there will be blood, and eagle eye have also been premiered at this event. the channel i saw this wonderful festivity take place was on the IFC channel, (it's one of my favorite spots) which basically broadcasts (in jay-z voice) "all indie everything" with a splash of trailers. if you need a fixin, IFC is your safe heaven.

learn more about the Fantastic Film Festival here: http://2009.fantasticfest.com/Page.aspx?name=about2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

yazza youth X New York Undercover

When I was a young girl,
I used to watch this show called
"New York Undercover"
I had a really big crush on
the 2 detectives, Williams and Torres.
I was so smitten on crime and action, the romance and of
course the ACCENTS!
made me wish that I could live in this city.
*they also had great music too.
(peep 112 singing an earth, wind and fire joint with the silky suits)
here's the clip of what I got to watch today.
this show really showed a really great side of new york,
along with the MUSIC.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

sexy man beard winter gallery edition-arbitrary-ness

As you know, holiday season is here,
and there's nothing like being bundled up
next to a special someone when it's cold outside.
One thing I happen to really enjoy when being next
to that special one, is the beard.
weird right?
i love winter beards and scruff men.. deep sigh.
so here are a few pics of some of my favorite musicians (Lenny, Claudio, and Common)
with their scruffy lovely beards...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


ladies and gents
i present to you MALUCA
who is also a NY-dominican bombshell,
i saw her perform this song at SXSW last year at the fader fort.
and now lazlo from MAD DECENT has officially done the video.
i didn't understand too much of what she said but it sounded sexy as hell!
her fusion of dominica-tronica-ghetto-techno is what makes me go crazy!
production by diplo.
check the vid.see if you can spot out some of the 1992, electric punanny crew!NYC!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


so it's official,
Philly MEGA producer, INTERNATIONAL pimp and DJ
(my baby's daddy)
DIPLO has decided to do a MIX to Gucci Mane's Cold War mixtape series, in support of the rapper's upcoming album The State Vs. Radric Davis. He is remixing the mixtapes in light of Gucci's recent legal woes.
I'm SPENT. only because now THIS should really boost
the cross genre we see taking place in music. in a good way tho.
I think DIPLO x GUCCI is something i look forward to because it gives a chance
for people of different likes of music to come together..
heres a link to listen to DIPLO's mix of Gucci mane's
"Danger not a stranger" mix-via maddecent blog.

i luh him.


So i'm back, took some time off,
had to get to work, and get things straight.