Tuesday, December 8, 2009


so it's official,
Philly MEGA producer, INTERNATIONAL pimp and DJ
(my baby's daddy)
DIPLO has decided to do a MIX to Gucci Mane's Cold War mixtape series, in support of the rapper's upcoming album The State Vs. Radric Davis. He is remixing the mixtapes in light of Gucci's recent legal woes.
I'm SPENT. only because now THIS should really boost
the cross genre we see taking place in music. in a good way tho.
I think DIPLO x GUCCI is something i look forward to because it gives a chance
for people of different likes of music to come together..
heres a link to listen to DIPLO's mix of Gucci mane's
"Danger not a stranger" mix-via maddecent blog.

i luh him.

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