Tuesday, December 22, 2009

fantastic fest x IFC channel

*disclaimer:i always sleep with the television on (i just can't help that)
but this morning, i woke up to the interviews and reviews of the Fantastic Film fest that takes place in Austin texas. For those who don't know what fantastic film fest is, it is the largest film festival showing flicks in genres of science fiction, horror, and comedy and other types of movies coming to theatres. Films such as apacalypto, there will be blood, and eagle eye have also been premiered at this event. the channel i saw this wonderful festivity take place was on the IFC channel, (it's one of my favorite spots) which basically broadcasts (in jay-z voice) "all indie everything" with a splash of trailers. if you need a fixin, IFC is your safe heaven.

learn more about the Fantastic Film Festival here: http://2009.fantasticfest.com/Page.aspx?name=about2009

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