Thursday, September 10, 2009


(i love this picture btw)

at any rate, i was told to read up on an article about one of my favorite vocalist in the pop world collaboratin with one of my most favorite DJ/PRODUCER/BEECH I LUBMESUMHIM
people in the world that goes by the name of (drumroll please, make it lonnnnnnnng)
DIPLO??!! (i hopped outta my chair when i read it)
in this article here, we have a ms.christina aguileria talkin about talkin on her next album and who she brought in on some electro-reinforcements.

peep the article here:

<--you know u my baby daddy right?

please dont
mess this up
christina.or i will
find you, and throw paint on you...TRUE STORY.

But in all yazzaseriousity, im kinda lookin forward to hearing this collab, and hearing what the pop-people and the indies like myself have to say about this.i believe she will be unveiling a piece of the underground "hipster" culture that people like myself truly hold precious, because electro-dance-diplo music is so moving to me, and not alot of people around here really understand this kind of will DEFINITELY put a new mark on pop (anythang my baby dip touches is afro-gold) and christinas voice is like no other.santi, m.i.a, sia, le tigre are also in on this too...I'm crossing my fingers, and keepin one eye open on this....

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