Wednesday, September 9, 2009

oh la la la.....

hey hey today.
i have discovered another article that has inspired
and motivated yazza.
this article was from a man that goes by the name of 20+1
very informational piece about hip-hop music, and some artists that i have yet to know about but will very soon listen to.
here it is..enjoy!

"Hip-hop" is about as useful a descriptor as "rock" or "socialist" these days. Everything from deliberately incomplete, over-indulgent instrumental noodling (bismilldilla) to gentrifying-skinny-jean-fuckboy theme music can trace its roots back to some Bronx kids in the '70s who just didn't know any better.

I begin on that negative note because nothing's more hip-hop than complaining about hip-hop and the cream of the crop hasn't given me any good reason to stop in 2009. Jigga's Brett Favre. Nas is noodling with a reggae album while his ear for beats is still playing wingman for Pac somewhere in Havana. I guess Andre 3000 still thinks being a bad actor is more fulfilling than making Stankonia was and Jeezy dropped a banger late last year so he's off the hook for now. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 and BlaQKout are damn good albums but they're dignified throwbacks by un-semiretired generals filling up the tank one more time. Dr. Dre sure won't save us or whatever Detox is supposed to accomplish (and I am so Richard Dawkins about that)."

he pretty much gets it in on his blog, and talks about artists attempt to "change the game"
read it here:

SPLACK-COW! art-by c.east (had to throw that in somewhere)

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