Friday, April 18, 2014

Indie Waves (R&B edition)

There are 3 women who are making big waves with their music. These women have all respectively come into their style of music remarkably fresh and distinctive. I personally admire them because they sing songs from their life with people who have helped them along the way. I find it very beautiful that these women appear to be very personal in their lyrics. This may be old news, but I can definitely say R&B definitely won't be the same after these ladies are done.

Bringing you all things souful with accents of melody and a rocking groove, LIONBABE has really made a serious anthem with their song "Treat me like Fire" in which I have come to love through the seasons. Astro Raw and Jillian Hervey give a serious meaning to the word duo as they create their music together.

This angelic person is most certainly singing her heart out. With songs like "Comfort Inn Ending" and "The Vapors"  Aiko knows how to make some meaningful ballads. Her style of writing with her voice are gifted. Cutting edges with rap but still putting her smooth vocal runs make it all the more easier to indulge.

Kelela Kelela what can I say? She's mad blazing. She's got a full EP of awesome ass music. Beats are out the window, vocals is next level and it gets better track after track. Very well done. She's jammin and I hope you enjoy her and jam on too.

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