Monday, November 19, 2012

Crosstown Rebels X Day Zero X Deniz Kurtel

while surfing the internets, I stumbled across a fantastico themed party coming at the end of our mayan calendar. On December 20-21st in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, Crosstown Rebels will be having a 24 hour party on a pyramid. I really wish I could be there, if you're reading this and you happen to go, please have a wonderful time for me and party until your pants fall off. I also wanted to share some info on Crosstown Rebels, I think they have an amazing group of talented artists in their camp. Their story on how they became a label is truly insprational. Probably one of the few independent labels that I know of that have a consistent catalog of good artists. please be on the look for them to come to the US soon.

One artist from the crosstown rebels group that has tickled my fancy is Turkish dj Deniz Kurtel. Eventhough she's only been at the tables for just a little while, her craft in turntable-ism is quite noticeable. If you enjoy deep house with soulful vocals, this is the dj for you. Her style is real smooth, she also in a dj group called Lamb + Wolf.


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