Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SXSW 2013 from Yazzaspazza

Man oh man how fun it was to stroll around Austin and be on drugs, listen to music, party and eat food from the streets with friends. I had a wonderful time this year, I had the chance to work a little bit during the festival as well. I want to thank Stubb's out in Austin Texas, Buzz Media and Spin Magazine for the experience. You guys truly know how to party.

As most should know, Austin Texas is the music capital of the world and SXSW is the festival where music patrons and artists from both sides of the industry come to market, perform and actually party. I had a chance to see/meet a few individuals and watch them take the stage.

I wanted to share a few of the artists I that had the chance to see perform who I felt had an awesome show; some you may know, some you may not.

TRINIDAD JAMES: Homeboy came down and straight up gave awesome performances both times I saw him. He's got a great stage presence with a lot of charisma. The love I saw him give to his fans and people who were just in the mix at his show was uncanny. He allowed individuals to come up on stage and take photos. I loved it. The dude can really jam, I would definitely go to any show he's having.  Shoutout to the lovely ladies of TIG Entertainment, and yes we will build this gotdamn bridge to ATL to TEXAS shawty.

Cashmere Cat: All I can tell you is that if you are a true fan of music production and enjoy blended genres of music together, this is definitely one of the DJ's to watch. Cashmere Cat is a Norwegian blonde  skinny man who is too cute. Straight up though I overheard people telling me he was American at this swank W Hotel rooftop Party (shout out to Jesse Lee @ DF) but I knew his style was way way way too good to be damn American. Sorry America. He had me twerkin in my pancho. Forreals.

IB3: Houston Texas get ready cause IB3 is about to put on. I had a chance to catch her performance and was completely blown away. IB3 has definitely transformed her music since the last time we've worked together and she's on to something. One of the better female MC shows that I caught this week, IB3's raps were true and from the heart. Third ward Texans get your ears ready because she's got next.

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