Thursday, April 21, 2011

BIG K.R.I. T. the south is alive in all of his beats.

While enjoying a wonderful celebration of the day of yesterday, i had the opportunity to experience the greatness of the southern gentleman that is Big K.R.I.T.. i loved alllllllllllll 21 tracks of his somewhat newly released mixtape, "the return of 4eva". From beginning to end, I was moved, and very crunk. Imagine a ugk feel with a nice andre 3k and david banner vibe to it. His delivery and lyricism is very straightforward, if you're from the south, this is the trunk rattlin mixtape for you. If you're not from the south, well that's just too bad, but at least you have an opportunity to hear some good wholesome southern rap music.

here are some of my favorite songs off his latest ep, "the return of 4eva"

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