Saturday, May 7, 2011

the world is theirs: Charly and Margaux fight crime thru their music.

Readers, stalkers or whomever else visits this page, I wanted to share a little project my good ol gal pal Charly is working on alongside her musical companion Margaux. It's a funding program that allows artists/businesses to get the creative endorsement they need in order to keep their music alive and goin.

Charly and Margaux are 2 female violinist who will always remain distinctive in their craft, especially in today's type of music making. (we have way too many artists, and not enough people who understand sound) Therefore I suggest you keep people like C&M in your headphones and on your ipod, ipad, mp3thingy, smartphone or what have you because they actually make music... FOR YOU.

So to know more about how you can help and support, please click and or re-post this kickstarter link to get more information:

to get more Charly Charly Charly, click here:
annnnd here:

If not, they'll teleport to where you are, and chop you in the neck.

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