Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York L.E.S. according to Clayton

artist, gate keeper of all things cool and raw in the L.E.S. of new york, mr.clayton patterson has shared his life in the big apple with a camera lens. I stumbled on his trailer for one of his documentaries called "captured" in which gives a very real history of the neighborhood that is the lower east side of new york.

now, me living all the way down in texas and being born in the 80's doesn't give me credit to say that i know what went on in new york during that time, BUT after watching this film and interviews of mr.patterson, one can only imagine and feel what it's like to see an entire place change from decade to decade.

for all of those who don't know too much about the L.E.S. of new york city, this part of town was considered a very dangerous yet cultural enviornment where some of the greatest artists, festivals, bars, clubs and bands all came to be. Some people think that this neighborohood now has changed for the better while those still living there only reminisce of what and how the vibrant the area used to be.

i feel as if this is a common issue happening in all historic neighborhoods in the United States. if you live in one area of town that is somewhat close to a metropolitan area, you have probably seen changes in the community as well as residency.

"if it affects one of us, then it affects us all"-unknown

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