Monday, January 30, 2012

Variety Country Musical Weekend

I had the pleasure of watching my very first country musical this past weekend. It was a wonderful experience, lots of laughs and amazement. Patti Rabaza and Julia Laskowski (say it 3 times really fast) were the performers of Country Gravy and Other Obsessions, a relationship seminar dedicated to fixin all your problems with your significant other. These are experts that cover all types of situational issues you may endure while married or dating. If you're single, they have some advice for you too! From opera to showtunes these women really know how to entertain and make sure you leave them forgetting all your problems.

Held at TheaterLab, located in the first ward district of Houston, Texas.

Something that reminded me of this production was one of my favorite sketches from female comedian Carol Burnett. She is a legend, not exactly of my generation but she is definitely a pioneer in television sitcoms, writing, comedy and broadway.

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