Thursday, January 19, 2012

yazza and the world of hip-hop and rap music

everyone loves a good lyricist with a nice flow and melody. A catchy hook, especially with some bass knocking. I know I do, and that was the remedy I grew up on to know and love southern hip-hop music. Mind you that was years ago, and like seasons, my taste in music evolved into different sounds and genres. I'll be honest, I do miss the old rap/hip-hop days only because I feel like it meant more to be a rapper back then, the things they talked about were of substance (most of the time), people who were successful rappers/hip-hop artists in the entertainment industry in the early millenium and even in the early nineties could maintain a decent career, they were able to put forth albums with their own creativity (i think) and even keep their private lives from spilling over.

In today's world of hip-hop the rules are still the same, but the game has changed tremendously. I haven't taken the time to really dissect what I believe is the cause of this epidemic of the non-substance semi quasi hipster/hoodlum drug enthused half sing half put words together that aren't in the same iambic pentameter rap, but I do want to express my interests in some of the more hopeful artists and some of my woes with the not-so-hopeful artists. This may seem cruel or even a little ridiculous but please note, you can always get on someone else's blogging dick.

As a disclaimer, I have given an ear to other artists that have reached stardom such as A$AP Rocky, Kreayshawn, Kendrick Lamar, and all these other people who seem to be making their way in the rap industry. It's not that i am not interested, just that I'm not impressed.

I would first like to give props to big krit, for he has risen above most average southern rappers into a lane of his own. He's spoken some truths on life, religion and living in the south as a black guy. His beats are definitely a reminiscent of UGK and Outkast as well as local Houston native rappers.

Another hopeful rapper I would like to see advance is Action Bronson. Chances are you've probably never heard of this guy but he's definitely on the come up in a real interesting way. See, Mr. Bronson is of Albanian decent (ohhh) and he also was a gourmet chef (la-la) in New York City. Probably one of the more GINUWINELY sophisticated rappers that I've ever heard or seen on the internet. Peep him and his photography set with genius and skinny sexy man Terry Richardson.

Action Bronson and The Volcano from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Chuck English is another prominent one who I believe is also making some solo-artist head way. Chuck is someone who has been in the game for a minute, I would say he's easily one of the most underrated producers in the hip-hop genre. He has the productivity skills to reach an iconic status of a dilla. please if you haven't already, get his latest mixtape "WRKING". It's a very cohesive instrumental piece.

A local Houston native, and ultimate party starter Fat Tony comes to mind as a prospective hip-hop/rap artist on the move. This guy has charisma to no end. Along with his latest album Rabdargab, Fat Tony keeps the trunks rattling as well as heads thinking with his intricate words and beats. You can really hear his influences on his music and see them public in his clothing appeareance. He's punk-rap-pop-soul and r&b all into one.

This will conclude my list for now, there are plenty others that I will post on. Not to mention I have yet to indulge on the female scene. I will definitely address my queens soon, so keep your panties on.

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